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First Name : Eisa Last Name : Esfanjary konari
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Academic : Associate Professor Contract Type : Full time faculty
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Research Interest : Architectural Conservation, Urban History and Heritage, Iranian Architectural History, Medieval Persian Houses, and HGIS...
Educational Background
1 Degree :PhD Field : Urban Conservation
College : The University of Edinburgh Year : 2014
I am currently an Assistant Professor of Architectural and Urban Conservation at the Art University of Isfahan, contributing in undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs. Over the last 15 years, I have been immersed in the field of Iranian history and heritage, as a lecturer and researcher. My interests are principally concerned with: the historical development and evolution of towns and cities and understanding the underlying pattern of formation and transformation; how a particular settlement is structured and how it has matured; what features have been changed over time and what elements have been sustained in the urban landscape; and how best we can preserve what we have inherited. My publication record is extensive, including the edited volume Maibud the City that Exists (covering the 6000-years of urban history) and another co-authored volume, both published by the Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organisation (ICHTO). I have also published ten scholarly articles, and a forthcoming book Interpretation and management of Persian Historic Urban Landscapes, by Edinburgh University Press, Dec-2016. I have been a key member of 12 research and have managed projects in Architectural and urban history, including works on the World Heritage City of Bam in Iran and Edinburgh World Heritage in Scotland. I am currently a Principal Investigator (PI) of a large research project entitled ‘A Conservation Master Plan for a Historic City in Iran: Maibud as a case study, funded by The Research Institute of Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.